Thursday, 1 May 2014

Meet Black Smith - Eh Day at Myrtleville

Meet Black Smith, the blacksmith at Myrtleville House Museum. Smith has been working in the forge for the last couple of years, making tools and trinkets for the community. Blacksmithing is the craft of using extreme heat and heavy hand tools to make iron into things from nails and hooks to knives, cutlery, and other useful tools. 

Here is Smith in his natural habitat: by the blistering heat of a coke oven forge.

Smith enjoys the meditative nature of his job: the swing of the hammer, the sizzle of the red iron as it quenches in water, the crackle of the kindling. Smith is the crafty type, and you'll often see him in contemplation about the important things in life and his own life's ambitions.

For Smith, both of those things are pancakes.

Smith has a bit of a problem with pancakes, actually...

Smith concocts clever (and not so clever) schemes to steal Lumber Jack's pancakes so he can get a second helping. Once he created a scale macaroni model of a moose being crushed by a tree and put it in the window for Lumber Jack to see - when Jack leapt up to the rescue, Smith filched his flapjacks. Once Smith just yelled "Hey, look over there!" and got hold of Jack's shortstack AND thick-cut maple bacon. On that day, Jack declared Smith a public menace and his official nemesis.

Like that'll stop Smith.

See Lumber Jack and Black Smith at Eh Day on May 17th, 10am-2pm at Myrtleville House Museum, and make sure to eat your pancakes before Smith gets them!

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