Friday, 3 October 2014

Family Counselling Centre of Brant Exhibit Opening

Last night we had our opening of the Family Counselling Centre of Brant’s exhibit opening.  The Brant Historical Society partnered with the Family Counselling Centre to celebrate their 100th anniversary.  As the doors opened, we were excited to receive our guests for the event.

                Shortly after 7PM, the President of the Brant Historical Society, Michael St. Amant, spoke about the history of the Family Counselling Services of Brant and how they have contributed to the community.  He highlighted how the organization has changed and evolved, much like the Brant Historical Society, over the years starting in response to WWI when it was then called the Social Service League.  Susan Reid, President of the Family Counselling Services of Brant highlighted how the exhibit brought to light information that they were not aware of in their history.  Finally, Dave Levac spoke about what Family Counselling Services of Brant has done, noting that they have saved lives in the community through their work.

                Attendees enjoyed seeing the exhibit, which includes an interactive portion while nibbling on snacks and having a glass of wine.  People also enjoy the engaging conversations with their neighbours and work colleagues to celebrate the success of the organization.

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