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Paris, Ont. Aug. 1921

Paris, Ontario,  Aug  1921
Dear Mamie,
In the first place, I’d like to know if I made a mistake or not in saying “Dear Mamie” and then if I spelt “Mamie” right.
I suppose you still think I went to the Allen on purpose Saturday night to meet you, but I didn’t. I went with Charlie to see Harold Pearcy.
Say, your cousin Dunham told me something about you that makes me think a lot better about you.
This is a great place up here and I am having a great time. Last night we had a picnic about 20 of us, old ladies and all and a friend of mine invited me. We played baseball and football and after lunch went up the river on a bicycle boat which can be hired out. We had smores too, and I certainly had a good time. This place up here is much (over)...

Dear Mamie...

This letter was written in the summer of 1921 by a young man called Joe to a girl named Mamie. Research shows that Mamie would have been about 15 years old at the time, and was living on Sheridan Street in Brantford. Joe was visiting Paris, Ontario over the summer, possibly to visit family and to go camping with his friends; the lad appears to be the same age as Miss Mamie.

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