Monday, 12 August 2013

Mamie's Letter - Page 3

(From last letter: "Say, the next time I ask you to go to the show with me I expect you to go and not say you can’t...)

Like you did that night at the carnival.
I think Joe is waiting for Amy to come back to take her. Is she back yet? Have I spelt Amy right? It’s the first time I ever heard of such a name.
Gosh, but it’s lonesome up here at night to sit and hear the crickets sing and that’s when I wish I was  back home having some fun on the commons with you.
I bet your chickens are all dead by now because you fed them so well.
Have you read that Buffalo Bill story I gave you? It’s a lot of bull isn't it.
I think it was mean of you to take that cigarette I had Saturday night because I haven’t had a smoke since...

In case you missed them, here are pages 1 and 2.

Mamie kept chickens on Sheridan Street apparently. When did it become a by-law that people couldn't keep chickens within the city? If it's not a by-law, I want to start keeping chickens!

We also found it interesting that Joe had never heard the name "Amy" before.

Stay tuned for page 4 on Thursday!

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