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Mamie's Letter

Mamie's letter in full, with the transcriptions at the bottom of the page.

Page 1
Paris, Ontario,  Aug  1921

Dear Mamie,
In the first place, I’d like to know if I made a mistake or not in saying “Dear Mamie” and then if I spelt “Mamie” right.
I suppose you still think I went to the Allen on purpose Saturday night to meet you, but I didn’t. I went with Charlie to see Harold Pearcy.
Say, your cousin Durnham told me something about you that makes me think a lot better about you.
This is a great place up here and I am having a great time. Last night we had a picnic about 20 of us, old ladies and all and a friend of mine invited me. We played baseball and football and after lunch went up the river on a bicycle boat which can be hired out. We had smores too, and I certainly had a good time. This place up here is much (over)

Page 2
Like Whiteman’s Creek, only the creek is practically a river.
I’d like you to see some of the big black bass I caught up here.
The threshers were up at the neighbour’s farm to-day and I had to pitch hay and managed to get my eyes full so I don’t think I’d make a very good farmer.
So Charlie said he was going to fix up a bogus letter and send it to you and sign my name so as to get you mad at me so if you get an extra letter you’ll know that one is a fake.
I suppose you go over on the commons every night with Ron Fraser or Barney.
Are you still mad at Joe or is it he that is mad at you
Say, the next time I ask you to go to the show with me I expect you to go and not say you can’t.

Page 3
Like you did that night at the carnival.
I think Joe is waiting for Amy to come back to take her. Is she back yet? Have I spelt Amy right? It’s the first time I ever heard of such a name.
Gosh, but it’s lonesome up here at night to sit and hear the crickets sing and that’s when I wish I was  back home having some fun on the commons with you.
I bet your chickens are all dead by now because you fed them as well.
Have you read that Buffalo Bill story I gave you? It’s a (lob) of bull isn’t it.
I think it was mean of you to take that cigarette I had Saturday night because I haven’t had a smoke since.

Page 4
because you can’t buy any smokes out here except tobacco which is strong enough to kill a horse, so I might as well tell you that I’ve quit smoking.
Say, do you like bees, well if you do there is loads of them up here. It was just today that my uncle was cutting weeds when he disturbed a nest of humble bees and one stung him on the forehead.
Gee but this a great life if you don’t weaken I don’t think I’ve done anything yet but go fishing.
It’s going to eleven o’clock now and I intend to get up at five in the morning to go fishing so I think

Page 5
I’ll get to bed. It’s getting warmer. Isn’t it.
If this letter don’t reach you alone then I’ll say it with flowers. Don’t let anyone else see this letter not that there is anything in it but please don’t. But I’ll know you’ll be stubborn and do just the opposite and don’t forget to write back to me as your letter will give me a chance to spend more time
Here’s my address
Joe Ion
c/o Michael Collins
Paris, Ont.
Be sure and address it right.
Well I guess I’ll jump off here

Page 6
Because I’ve got to get up early in the morning so good-bye for this time.
I remain,
Your  ____________________

P.S. I don’t know what to put in after your please let me know.
I love the cows and chickens But that isn’t the life for me.
Please excuse the writing, paper, ink, scratching, blots, holes, dirt, etc. but it’s the I could find. Let’s Go.
Hot Dog

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