Monday, 19 August 2013

Mamie's Letter - Page 5

(From last page: "It’s going to eleven o’clock now and I intend to get up at five in the morning to go fishing so I think")
I’ll get to bed. It’s getting warmer. Isn’t it.
If this letter don’t reach you alive then I’ll say it with flowers. Don’t let anyone else see this letter not that there is anything in it but please don’t. But I’ll know you’ll be stubborn and do just the opposite and don’t forget to write back to me as your letter will give me a chance to spend more time
Here’s my address
Joe Ion
c/o Michael Collins
Paris, Ont.
Be sure and address it right.
Well I guess I’ll jump off here
We did some research about "I'll say it with flowers". It's a popular enough saying, but we couldn't find reason why he'd mention that in such a non sequitor fashion. Maybe it was a song lyric or a film title that was popular at the time, but we couldn't dig up any reference. It may be an inside joke!

One last thought before we post the 6th and final page of the letter: "Don't let anyone else see this letter..." ... Oops.

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